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Rural Hospital CEO Certification Application
The Rural Hospital CEO Certification will tell your current and future employers that you possess the necessary skills of excellence to run a top performing rural hospital.
What difference does leadership make?
All the difference! Study after study confirms the relationship between leadership effectiveness and organizational success. That is why rural hospital CEO excellence is a must have! It is not an option in today’s disruptive world! We also need to be prepared for CEO turnover. Did you know that hospital CEO turnover leads all other industries? And when the CEO leaves the hospital, initiatives come to a screeching halt, and other leadership positions usually turnover as well.

With over 115 rural hospital closures since 2010, and more than 40% of all rural hospitals at risk, there has never been a greater need for leadership excellence.
In response to the rural hospital CEO Turnover Study and hospital closure crisis, we are introducing the Rural Hospital CEO Certification Program to arm rural CEOs with the competencies and skill sets to take on the unique challenges of rural hospitals and be or continue to be a top performing rural hospital CEO.
Our mission is to improve life in rural America by stabilizing rural hospitals through education and engagement of current and future rural hospital CEOs to achieve leadership excellence resulting in healthy communities. We continue to work tirelessly with successful rural hospital CEOs to develop this rural hospital leadership program. This program is designed to take successful rural hospital CEOs to a new level of excellence, and to take aspiring rural hospitals CEOs to a solid foundation for leadership excellence. Leadership excellence in rural healthcare is critical to rural America!
For current or aspiring rural hospital CEOs:
  • Opt in to apply to the program
For current or retired rural hospital CEOs:
Opt in to apply to become a member of
  • The Advisory Board
  • ​A Mentor
Developed for rural hospital CEOs by rural hospital CEOs
Advisory Board
Inspired and ready to make a difference!
Here is what members of the February 2020 Cohort had to say upon learning they had been accepted into the program.
“I am so excited and looking forward to meeting all of you as we embark towards helping us be better stewards of our community’s health needs.”

“Thank you for this opportunity, I am excited to attend this program.”

“I believe this is an honor and a very exciting opportunity to learn from experts in the field of rural health.”

“I look forward to working with each of you!” 
Comments after the first training session:
“Being a part of this program @ this time couldn’t be more beneficial!”

“I have worked with boards and CEO’s for quite some time, but this class today gave me a different perspective of how different leadership styles and thought patterns succeed depending on the people they are influencing.” 

“I am already seeing some ways I can assess situations and apply the best leadership strategies…” 

“I found the material to be beneficial and the time spent to be valuable. I enjoyed learning and interacting with others; especially liked the time in the break out rooms.” 

“What a wonderful morning. It was great to finally meet the team and peers. I truly liked the breakout sessions and sharing ideas. I think that was a great way to share issues and get some ideas from others.” 
Here’s what one of our Advisory Board Members said after reviewing the final curriculum.
“This looks great! Wish I would have had access to a program like this when I was starting.”
Annual Leadership Dinner
A formal, black-tie optional event will bring together rural health professionals from around to country to celebrate the accomplishments of our graduates, celebrating the leadership in rural health across America. 

A portion of the proceeds from the event will be dedicated to supporting the NRHA Foundation.
Top Gun: Learn from the BEST of the BEST!
The Building Blocks: Delivering Excellence with Skill & Expertise
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